version 29 nov twenty-one

All equipment, parts, pieces or services delivered by FTS TECNOLOGÍA S.A.S., enjoy a guarantee against manufacturing defects, offering repair or replacement of the equipment within the period of validity of said guarantee, as long as it is under conditions of normal use and of in accordance with the policies mentioned below:

1. Fill out the report in the application established by FTS TECNOLOGÍA for this purpose (, if you do not have credentials, you must request them via email to the address co. our customer service department will review your request verifying if the product is still within the warranty times.

It is important that, when completing the case in the news reporting web application, the diagnosis made in the first level technical review, the serial number and the invoice number associated with the element or contract are detailed.

2. In case of having warranty time, the shipment of the equipment will be requested to our main office located at Calle 30 # 23-28 Tuluá, Valle del Cauca, for technical inspection and validation of the requirements that do not generate exoneration of responsibility. of the guarantee, according to Article 16. Of the consumer statute Law 1480 of 2011, where it is mentioned that:

“The producer or supplier will be exonerated from the responsibility that derives from the guarantee, when it demonstrates that the defect comes from:

- Force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.

– The act of a third party.

– The improper use of the good by the consumer.

– That the consumer does not comply with the installation, use or maintenance instructions indicated in the product manual, in the guarantee and/or service level agreements delivered by the supplier. The content of the instruction manual must be in accordance with the complexity of the product. product."

3. At the time the article arrives at our facilities, you will be informed of the date of receipt and the status of the article, through the case generated in the help desk web application or HelpDesk (GLPI).

4. The reception of guarantees is carried out from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., the process time of the guarantees begins to run from the moment the article is received. in our office. It is important to clarify that, when sending the equipment, it is necessary that the packaging is identified with the associated case number.

5. No guarantee is filed if the item does not have the required information.

6. According to the diagnosis produced by the technical revision and validation of the element, it will be confirmed if the equipment enters as a guarantee or not.

7. If the element does not have a guarantee due to one of the exemptions described in point 2, a quote for the revision and repair services will be sent (if approved) including the shipping costs.

8. If the element does have a guarantee, the following will be taken into account:

o If the product can be repaired it will be shipped to the customer. The specifications of the process carried out will be related through the web application of the help desk or HelpDesk (GLPI) indicating the following [1]:

o Description of the repair carried out.

o Parts replaced or repaired.

o The date on which the customer delivered the product and the return date.

o Extension of the guarantee depending on the time that the client did not use the item.

o If the case arises where the item must be changed for a new one, FTS TECNOLOGÍA has the time stipulated within the legal process, to carry out the purchase or production process and replace the item. If the item is in stock in our inventory, it will be shipped immediately and the warranty will start.


The guarantee request is not accepted and the products sent by the client are returned with the freight at their expense, when at least one of the following cases occurs:

1. The client DOES NOT fill out the news report in the help desk web application or HelpDesk (GLPI).

2. When the client fails to comply with any of the guarantee exemption points.

3. When the serial number does not correspond to the one registered on the sales invoice.

4. When the product serial numbers have been altered or deleted.

5. The cost of shipping the product to the facilities of FTS TECNOLOGÍA is borne by the customer.

6. Avoid sending accessories that do not correspond to the product, FTS TECNOLOGÍA is not responsible for these elements.

7. Events that are estimated as misuse by the operators, labor accidents, liquid or food spills on the equipment.

8. Damage caused by traffic accidents or by malicious acts of third parties.

9. Damage caused by unauthorized repairs or by personnel other than those trained by FTS Technology.

10. Damage caused by riot or terrorism.

11. Damage caused by natural phenomena and/or voltage supply problems such as surges or losses.

[1] Article 16 of the Consumer Statute.

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